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The Donna Williams Group (A Dispute Resolution Firm) was founded as a comprehensive hub for meeting your conflict management needs. The Firm handles difficult matters with integrity and discretion. The Donna Williams Group is equipped to relieve the stress that naturally arises from workplace or family conflict by partnering with you to avoid the lengthy litigation process. 

Donna Williams, Esq. is the founder and principal of The Donna Williams Group. She has over 15 years of experience mediating a variety of civil disputes including divorce, child custody, workplace discrimination, and sexual harassment. She founded her Dispute Resolution Firm to effectively provide alternatives to the traditional litigation process. Donna is motivated by a vision to serve her clients through alternative dispute resolution processes, saving them time, money and mental anguish.

While some firms provide mediation services as a supplement to their litigation practice, Donna has chosen mediation as her primary means of helping parties resolve their concerns. Motivated by this commitment, The Donna Williams Group is poised to emerge as a trusted name in the field of mediation. Contact The Firm today to learn more about how mediation can help you resolve your dispute.

Our Approach

We understand the challenges of balancing homelife and worklife and the stresses associated with daily living.  Conflict is inevitable.  There are many ways in which to address conflict.  Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we need help resolving some disputes.  We believe that mediation offers a more cost-effective and efficient approach to resolving disputes.  Mediation also offers participants greater control over the outsome of their dispute, something traditional court processes simply cannot offer.  We will guide participants through the process, with the goal of ensuring the parties are both heard and understood.  

Our Commitment

We know that you have many options when deciding how to resolve your dispute.  We hope you will consider professional mediation and allow our Firm to guilde you through the process. We are committed to cultivating a structured, yet informal, process emphasizing collaboration and problem-solving to help you reach mutually agreeable solutions to your concerns.

We want to help you find your solution.

Let's work together to find a middle ground.


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