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Mediation: Family

The Donna Williams Group understands that family disputes are never pleasant. These delicate, occasionally hostile conflicts require high levels of discretion and neutrality. Donna is disciplined to provide mediation that ensures every family member is heard and considered. She is trained to navigate through the murky waters of family conflict with impartiality, aiming to mediate peaceful options for all parties involved. Regardless of the history or difficulty of your dispute, Donna will create necessary space for kindler, gentler conflict resolution.


Divorce proceedings are taxing and uncomfortable for every family member, however, research is clear that litigation is hardest on children. Studies have shown that pursuing divorce litigation can create emotional and mental distress for children caught in the fray. These ramifications are a major part of the reason that Donna highly recommends mediation as a civil space to ensure that mental well-being is ensured. Regardless of the situation, she is personally sympathetic to the stress that can arise. The Firm pro-vides superior mediation with sensitivity and neutrality to all families. Donna is con-vinced that peaceful resolutions are possible with the right legal assistance and direct mediation.

Child Custody

The most precious thing in life is our children. Recognizing that a child’s relationship with her parents is vitally important to their growth, The Donna Williams Group seeks to protect the mental and emotional well-being of every child involved in a custody dispute. Whether your lawyer needs additional help in providing mediation or you need guidance on resolution options, Donna is ready and able to provide a protected environment to gently remedy problematic disputes. With her years of mediation experience, she is practically equipped to provide clear options for every family client. Contact the Firm to-day because your children deserve a safe mediation process.

Elder Care

As elderly family members close their chapter of life, families are often thrust into messy disputes regarding their affairs. This can unfortunately hinder family unity and even lead to unnecessary lawsuits. Donna Williams believes that family disputes can be effectively resolved through mediation. She provides services that prevent lawsuits and the sever-ing of relationships by facilitating the right environment for every family member to be heard.

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